Staking FLOW

CoinList supports staking through CoinList wallets. CoinList partners with Bison Trails to provide staking services to users. If you deposit FLOW into your CoinList wallet, you will automatically be enrolled in FLOW staking. CoinList will charge an 8% commission on staking rewards. You may opt-out of staking at any time by contacting our team

CoinList runs three different node types on Flow to maximize staking rewards for our users once the reward coefficient begins to adjust staking rewards for different node types. 

FLOW Staking Reward Rates

The Flow network currently has the following estimated annual staking reward rates:

  • Weeks 1-5: 20% per year
  • After week 5: 5% per year

The rates shown above are all annualized and do not take into account the 8% CoinList commission.

When did staking start?

Staking started on December 16, 2020. The first staking rewards distribution included all FLOW staking rewards earned through January 26, 2021 (net of fees).

How do I earn staking rewards?

If you participated in the FLOW token sale, you will accrue staking rewards on your FLOW while your FLOW is locked-up per the terms of the sale and/or auction.

How often will I receive staking rewards?

Staking rewards will be distributed on a monthly basis during the first week of the month. 

What if I no longer wish to stake my FLOW?

If you no longer wish to stake your FLOW, you can contact our team and we will opt you out of staking. Please note that your FLOW will remain locked until the end of the lock-up period. You can refer to your participation agreement for additional details of the lock-up period.