What is MFA?

CoinList uses multi-factor authentication (MFA), also known as 2FA, which provides an additional layer of security to protect every account. You use MFA to log in to your account and access functions of CoinList such as your wallet. CoinList does not support SMS Authentication. 

The mobile device you use to set up MFA will be considered your MFA device. Once MFA is enabled, you'll be required to enter a code created by an app on your phone in order to log in to your CoinList account. 

How do I enable MFA?


Download and install an authentication app for your phone or tablet. Some options:


Open the authentication app and follow the steps within the app for adding a new QR code. Scan the QR code image with your mobile device's camera and a new credential will be added to your authenticator app. 


Make sure to save the security/backup codes in a safe place. In the event that you lose access to your MFA device, these codes can be used to regain access to your account. The backup codes are unique to each account owner. 


Enter the six digit code where prompted and click the "Enable" button.

You are done! Now that MFA is enabled, you will need to enter a new 6-digit code generated by the authentication app every time you log in to your CoinList account. 

What if I get an invalid code error?

If you receive an invalid error code when enabling MFA, check that your authentication app and your mobile device’s current time zone are synced. Also ensure that the computer or device you’re setting up your CoinList account on is also synced to the correct time zone. Refreshing your CoinList account may also resolve the issue.

If you are still experiencing issues, create a new profile by clicking the "+" again on your app and try to add the QR code again. Clearing your cache and cookies may also resolve the issue. 

Security Page of Your CoinList Account

You can reach the Security page by selecting “Your Account” from the dashboard or by following this link:  

If you did not save your backup codes when they were first provided, you can access them through the Security page of your CoinList account. If you lose access to your MFA device, these one-time codes will allow you to regain access to your account. 

What if I no longer have access to my MFA device or the backup codes?

If you no longer have access to your MFA device, please submit a support ticket for assistance and instructions. You will not be able to access your account until this process is complete. 

If you have lost access to your MFA device, do not attempt to create a new account. CoinList does not accept duplicate accounts. If you create a duplicate account, it will be closed and you will have to proceed with a MFA reset on your original account. 

Attempting to create a second account is in violation of our Terms of Service; Any violation of the Terms of Service may result in indefinite suspension of services and closure of a user's account.