If you complete specific tasks, you be may be eligible to receive OXT rewards deposited into your CoinList Wallet. The initial task will include learning about Orchid and OXT by watching a video and answering 5 questions about the content. If you successfully complete the task, you will be eligible to receive $5 in OXT. 

Additional tasks will be released at later date that will allow you to earn up to $50 in OXT across all tasks. 


In order to be eligible for the Orchid Rewards users must be in one of CoinList Market's approved jurisdictions. Users from the following jurisdictions will not be eligible for rewards: Bangladesh, India, Indonesia, Philippines, Nigeria, Russia, Uzbekistan, Thailand, and Vietnam. Please see for more details on approved jurisdictions. 

Additional Eligibility Information 

  • Users must complete KYC
  • Only one entity per user is eligible
  • In order to receive the education reward, user must correctly answer all five questions following the video to earn the associated reward
  • One education reward per user, valued at $5 in OXT at the time of distribution
  • Additional rewards and tasks will be announced at a future date
  • Maximum of $50 of OXT rewards per user for all tasks
  • CoinList employees and contractors are not eligible 
  • CoinList reserves the right to not distribute rewards to any user for any reason at its sole discretion 
  • By participating, you allow us to share certain information about you with the Orchid foundation

How will rewards be distributed?

For each eligible user, CoinList will distribute OXT, which shall be deposited into such user’s CoinList wallet subject to eligibility within 4 business days after successfully completing the task. The amount of OXT will be calculated at the market price of OXT at the time of distribution in the amount designated for that task. 


Additional Terms & Conditions

You agree to be bound by these Rules and the CoinList Terms and Conditions, found here, by participating in CoinList Rewards. CoinList Markets does not guarantee any payment pursuant to the Rules. CoinList Markets reserves the right to change the Rules or Rewards Program at any time at any time in its sole and absolute discretion. CoinList Markets also reserves the right to render a user ineligible for participation in this referral program should it determine, in its sole discretion, that the user has engaged in any fraudulent, deceptive, abusive or unlawful behavior, including but not limited to Prohibited Use or Prohibited Businesses as those terms are defined in the Terms of Service, found here.