When will the ICP tokens be accessible?

ICP tokens will be unlocked and accessible shortly after public launch of the Internet Computer.

What can I do with my ICP Tokens?

ICP tokens can be used in two ways:

  • ICP tokens can be used to create “Cycles” (aka, fuel): Software hosted on the Internet Computer must be charged up with Cycles in order to run. These act as fuel that the software consumes in the course of its normal operation, such as when it executes low-level instructions or maintains data in memory. To create Cycles, you have to burn ICP tokens. Because burned ICP tokens disappear, and Cycles also disappear when they are used to fuel computation by hosted software.  
  • ICP tokens can be used to participate in governance: The Internet Computer network is controlled by an algorithmic governance system called the Network Nervous System (NNS). It will be possible to lock ICP tokens within the NNS to create “neurons” that allow you to vote on proposals that affect the network’s operation, and in return receive voting rewards in the form of additional ICP tokens. 

If my ICP token allocation was 100+ CHF, what is my final allocation?

For registered participants who were originally notified that their allocation was “100+ CHF,” the final ICP token allocation awarded will be 120 CHF.

Where do I check my DFINITY Community Airdrop registration status?

You can check your airdrop registration status at

Do I need to complete a KYC verification again?

Previously, registered participants were required to complete a KYC verification to qualify to participate in the DFINITY Community Airdrop. For some participants, your original KYC may still be valid and sufficient for you to be eligible for a CoinList Wallet, while others may need to update information and/or complete additional verification procedures to gain access to a CoinList Wallet.

How do I confirm my ICP token allocation?

You can confirm your ICP token allocation by completing the CoinList Wallet creation process and reviewing the placeholder ICP tokens in your wallet. You must use the email address related to your registration for the DFINITY Community Airdrop.

How do I see my ICP token balance?

Once you have successfully completed the verification process to gain access to a CoinList Wallet, you will be able to see a representation of your ICP token balance in your CoinList Wallet. 

What are Internet Computer Protocol (ICP) tokens?

For the DFINITY Community Airdrop, DFN tokens will now be allocated as ICP tokens. As it relates to this airdrop, there is no difference between DFN tokens and ICP tokens, nor does it affect your allocation.

Is signing up for a CoinList Wallet the only way to receive my DFINITY Community Airdrop token allocation?

Yes, you will need to sign up for a CoinList Wallet and pass the associated KYC verification if prompted, to be eligible to receive your ICP token allocation. 

I’d like to know more about ICP tokens. When will this information become available?

The DFINITY Foundation will release more information closer to the public launch of the Internet Computer. In the meantime, please visit FAQs at

If you do not have access to your registration details related to the DFINITY Community Airdrop, please reach out to Inquiries will be assessed on a case-by-case basis, and there are no guarantees that we will be able to process your ICP token allocation. 

Will I need to pay an administrative fee for the CoinList Wallet or KYC?

No, there is no administrative fee associated with the creation of your CoinList Wallet or KYC verification.

If I live in a jurisdiction unsupported by CoinList, will I be able to receive my allocation from the 2018 DFINITY Community Airdrop?

If you are such a participant, we are aware that you have passed CoinList’s KYC but cannot set up a CoinList Wallet to complete the registration process and receive your ICP governance tokens at this time. It is the intention of the DFINITY Foundation to find a workaround to support you, possibly using native self custody options on the Internet Computer. Next steps will be communicated approximately 4-6 weeks following the Genesis of the Internet Computer.