My account is compromised, what should I do?

If you think your CoinList account has been compromised,  follow the steps below.

  1. Submit a ticket through our support site to have your account locked.

    1. Describe the incident in detail for our Trust & Safety team to review. They will follow up via email with further instructions and get you back in your account as soon as possible.

  2. Secure your devices and email.

    1. Change your email account password.

    2. Add or change the multi-factor authentication.

    3. Scan your devices and computer for malware/keyloggers and update your devices to the latest software version.

  3. Reset your CoinList account password If you have lost access to your email account, skip this step.

  4. Notify your bank.

    1. If your bank account is connected to your CoinList account and you believe it was used for unauthorized transactions, notify your bank immediately.

Recovering Your Account

To aid in a quick resolution, it is important that you read our emails in full and follow all of the instructions. Your patience is appreciated.

Security Tips

  • Create Strong Passwords

    • Strong passwords should not contain personal information. A strong password usually has over 10 characters, with a combination of letters, numbers and special characters.

  • Use a Password Manager

  • Question Everything

    • Check whether you have been contacted by the official email address of your exchange.

    • Never click on links sent to you from unknown sources.

    • Make sure the URL of the webpage is the official website and not something similar.

    • Do not send cryptocurrency to anyone you don’t recognize. No exchange will ever contact you asking for money.

    • Do not provide your CoinList account login credentials to anyone, especially to someone portraying to be a CoinList employee.